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   Thermoelectric air conditioners for enclosure / NSBox Cooling


  Compact thermoelectric cooling system NSBon-37/ NSBon-38 is designed to remove excess heat from electronic equipment installed inside a closed enclosure with a degree of protection IP66. Although NSBox Access Nodes use industrial switches with only an extended temperature range, the cooling system is necessary:
  ·  When installing client equipment in commercial execution,
  ·  For comfortable working conditions of batteries in UPS,
  ·  When installing access points in areas with hot climates.
  The device is a thermoelectric module (thermoelectric air conditioner), working on the basis of the Peltier effect. The essence of the effect consists in the allocation or absorption of heat on the junctions of two different conductors when an electric current passes. The device allows to maintain the set temperature in a closed volume when the ambient temperature changes.

NSBox Cooling

Technical Data :
Operating voltage: 24/ 48VDC; 220VAC
Cooling Capacity: 50-900W
Axial Fan: Ball bearing
Fan Air flow: 110 CFM
Protection type: IP66
Fitting position: Variable
Operating temperature: -40 … +70°C
Connection: Terminal
Dimensions: depends on the model
Weight: depends on the model

NSBon-37Thermoelectric Coolers. Series Standard_DC, 24/48VDC, -40~+70°C
NSBon-38Thermoelectric Coolers. Series Standard_DC, 220VAC, -40~+70°C