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NSBox Lighting
NSBox Lighting  for enclosure
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   Fan Heater kit for enclosure / NSBox Heating

NSBox Lighting

  The compact high-performance fan heater prevents formation of condensation and provides an evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosures. It has clip for DIN Rail mounting. The heating element is made on the basis of a self-regulating cable. The temperature of the heating element does not exceed 65°C. The heater is connected using the internal terminal connectors. The NSBox Heating is suitable for all types of panels and enclosures.

NSBox Heating

Technical Data :
Operating voltage: 230VAC, 50Hz
Heating element: Self-regulating Heating Cable
Surface temperature: max. 65°C
Heating Capacity: 60-80W
Axial fan: Ball bearing, 40,000h service life
Air flow: 46 CFM
Mounting: clip for 35mm DIN Rail
Fitting position: Vertical
Connection: 2-pole clamp
Operating Temp.: -40 to +60°C
Protection type: IP20
Dimensions: 50х120х150mm; Weight: 0.53kg

NSBon-18FH75AC22Fan Heater kit for enclosure. NSBox Heating. 75W