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Thermoelectric Coolers. Series SandStorm. NSBox Cooling > Sandstorm protection > 24VDC | 220VAC Power supply
> For harsh environments > Without exterior (external) fans

  Thermoelectric Coolers or Thermoelectric Assemblies are designed to remove heat around critical components within an enclosure with IP66 protection category. These is a thermoelectric air conditioner using the Peltier effect. The main advantages of Thermoelectric Coolers over conventional compressor are:
    it can be controlled electronically;
    it is easily reversible when the current is reversed;
    it can work in harsh environments;
  Thermoelectric Assembly NSBon-42 is fundamentally different from standard air-to-air coolers. Based on the calculations, a special design of ambient heat sink was created, which made it possible to remove exterior (external) fans.
  External fans are the weakest link in any air-to-air cooler. They are constantly exposed to extreme ambient conditions and often fail for this reason, after that the cooling process of the internal heat sink stops.
  The NSBon-42 design is 100% protected against sand, dust and water. Even a sandstorm will not disable the NSBon-42 cooler itself and equipment that it cools.

Technical Data:
Operating voltage: 24VDC; 220VAC
Cooling Capacity: 200W
Operating Temp.: -40 to +70C
Dimensions: 500214208 mm
Weight: depends on the model
Sand, dust and water protection is 100%
Without external fans outside
Connection: Terminal
Fitting position: Variable
Protection category: IP66 / NEMA4

Thermoelectric Assembly. Series SandStorm. NSBox Cooling

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NSBon-42Thermoelectric Assembly. Series SandStorm_DC_200W, 24VDC, IP67. NSBox Cooling