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NSBox with embedded 4G LTE Router
NSBox-LTE | 4G LTE Routers

Explosion-proof enclosures
NSBox-4042E  Explosion-proof

PoE Extender NRP-172PRi
NRP-172PRi Extender | The best
compact Fiber Optic termination units NSBon-55 | NSBon-54 | NSBon-53  Brief
 Optional Accessories NSBon-xx
> 12 LC or SC simplex adapters & pigtails > Metal housing > Wall or DIN rail mounting

  Compact, universal fiber optic termination unit is devised for the distribution and connection of optical fiber in a limited space of electrical enclosures. Housing is made of powder-coated aluminum and provides a secure protection of connections. Device is equipped with a mounting kit for a quick and easy installation inside an electrical enclosure. It can be fitted with a DIN rail mounted bracket.
  In the basic equipment includes a plastic splice tray, cable ties, heat shrinkable protection sleeves, 12 simplex adapters (SC or LC) and matching pigtails. There are two entries such as PG 13,5 cable glands with the diameter up to 12 mm for the fiber optic cables.
  The NSBon-55 | NSBon-54 | NSBon-53 are suitable for the most types of electrical enclosures.

ODF NSBon-55 | NSBon-54 | NSBon-53
Key Features :
12 LC or SC simplex adapters & pigtails
Single Mode | Multimode optical fiber
Operating Temperature: -40C to +75C
Dimensions: 133x163x35 mm; weight: 430 g
Enclosure material: Aluminum
Splice tray material: ABS plastic
Installation kit for wall mounting
DIN rail mounted bracket (optional)

ODF NSBon-55 | NSBon-54 | NSBon-53

Ordering Information
NSBon-55 ODF unit with 12 LC simplex adapters & pigtails for SM cables; installation kit
NSBon-54 ODF unit with 12 SC simplex adapters & pigtails for SM cables; installation kit
NSBon-53 ODF unit with 12 LC simplex adapters & pigtails for MM cables; installation kit