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Explosion-proof enclosures
NSBox-4042E  Explosion-proof

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Explosion-proof access Node
NSBox-Exd  Brief
Outdoor Video Surveillance systems
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 The NSBox access Nodes are devised for deployment of protected outdoor video surveillance systems. The nodes provide troubleproof and correct operation of a group of video cameras connected to a node: reliable power, a reliable data transmission channel, a surge protection of any wired connections. The NSBox is a completed product for installation and operation in any climates.
Depending on the field of application and operating conditions, the NSBox access Nodes are mounted in a series of enclosures:
  NSB-xxx: Powder-coated sheet Steel, protection category IP66 / NEMA4;
  NSV-xxx: Stainless Steel (AISI 304), protection category IP66 / NEMA4;
  NSP-xxx: Glass Reinforced Polyester, protection category IP66 / NEMA4;
  NSE-xxx: Coated Aluminum alloy, protection category IP67;
  NSE-xxx series enclosures are made in explosion-proof design. The NSBox access Nodes assembled in such enclosures can be used for outdoor and indoor installation in hazardous areas.
 The basic equipment of the NSBox-4042E includes: Wall mounting brackets, Mounting plate with DIN rails, terminal blocks, a two-pole circuit breaker, an electrical grounding bar, a fan with a thermostat, a set of cable glands. The following modules are also included in the package:
  Managed Industrial 4 ports PoE Switch with the Power Supply 48VDC-150W;
  Climatic control system inside cabinet: thermostats, heating element with fans;
  Fiber Optic Distribution Frame (ODF) with FC adapters, pigtails, patch cords;
  Surge protection elements for Ethernet ports with PoE and power circuits;

Explosion-proof NSBox

Technical Data :
 Input Voltage | Power Consumption
 Enclosure material (cabinet, door)
 Protection category | Explosion protection
 Enclosure Mounts
 Operating Temp. | with thermal insulation
 Dimensions (without cable glands)
 Shipping weight (approx.)
: 220 - 240VAC | 300 W (no more)
: Coated aluminum alloy
: IP67 | 1Ex d IIC T5 Gb X IP67
: Wall or pole mount with NSBon-01 kit
: -40 ~ +60C | -50 ~ +60C
: 425 x 325 x 297 mm
: 35 kg
Hardware specificationIndustrial switch NIS-3500-3224PGE
4x 10/100/1000Base-T RJ45 PoE 30W802.3at/802.3af (PoE auto detection)
2x 10/100/1000Base-T RJ45Total PoE Budget 120W; Reboot PDs
2x 100/1000M SFP slots (with DDM)Switch Fabric 24Gbps, Jumbo Frame 9Kb
Management Interface | Diagnostic
Console/CLI, Web GUI, Telnet, SNMP | Syslog, VLAN mirroring, RMON, SNMP Trap
Network Protocols :
Spanning Tree: STP, RSTP, MSTP; Ring Topology: Chain, Dual Homing, Couple Ring; VLAN: Port-based, 802.1q tag-based, 802.1ad Q in Q; IGMP Snooping v1/v2/v3 & Querier; QoS: 802.1p, 8 queues per port, WRR/SPQ; DHCP Client, Server, Relay, Snooping, Option 82; 802.1ab LLDP; Multicast/Broadcast/Flooding Storm Control; Access Control: IP/ MAC-based/ 802.1x authentication; Security: HTTPs, SSH, Radius Client; NTP/SNTP;

Explosion-proof NSBox

Ordering Information
Access Node NSBox-4042E: NSE-4232H1F1 enclosure with Heating; 48VDC-150W Power supply; Managed switch NIS-3500-3224PGE: Uplink 2 SFP/1G + 2 TP/1G, 4 ports TP/1G PoE 30W for IP cameras; Reboot PDs