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Cabinets with installed Thermoelectric Assembly NSBox-ICE  Brief
Outdoor Video Surveillance systems
> Compact design> 90...305 VAC Power supply
> Ecological cleanliness> Installation in any position

  Electronic equipment installed inside a cabinet emits heat, which raises the internal temperature. Over time, rising temperature can cause electronic devices to a failure. Thermoelectric Coolers or Thermoelectric Assemblies are designed to divert an excess heat from electronic equipment installed inside an electrical enclosure.
  NSBox-ICE is a special series of electrical enclosures with installed thermoelectric assembly. The units are mounted in various series of electrical enclosures with protection category IP66 / NEMA4: powder-coated sheet steel, glass reinforced polyester, depending on the field of application and operating conditions.
  The basic kit includes the selected assembly with a thermostat, a mounting plate with DIN rails for customer equipment, terminal blocks, a circuit breaker, an electrical grounding bar, the set of selected cable glands. The cable glands are mounted in the bottom of the enclosure, e.g. on a removeable metal plate for sheet steel cabinet.
  For the termoelectric assemblies with AC power don't require an additional power supply located inside the cabinet. This is the main advantage of this series, since a power supply takes up a lot of space and emits heat, which must be compensated by the thermoelectric cooler itself.

NSBox Cooling
Ordering Information
NSB-3838C2Sheet steel cabinet 380x380x210 set [1, 4, 5], with Cooler TC-100-AC: Cover_AC_S0_100W
NSB-3860C4Sheet steel cabinet 380x600x210 set [1, 4, 5], with Cooler FR-208-AC: Standard_AC_S2_200W
NSB-4040C4Sheet steel cabinet 400x400x230 set [1, 4, 5], with Cooler FR-208-AC: Standard_AC_S2_200W
NSP-4060C4Polyester cabinet 400x600x230 set [1, 4, 5], with Cooler FR-208-AC: Standard_AC_S2_200W