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  Electronic equipment mounted inside a cabinet generate heat that raises the temperature inside the enclosure. Over time, the ever increasing heat can cause sensitive devices to malfunctions. Thermoelectric Cooling Systems are devised to divert an excess heat from electronic equipment installed inside the enclosure with IP66 protection.
  Thermoelectric Cooler must be used in regions with hot climates, to extend the service life of UPS batteries, when specific customer equipment is installed inside the cabinet.

NSBox Cooling
  In the standard version, NSB-xxx enclosures are used in two sizes: 380x600x210, 380x380x210 mm and the basic configuration: [1, 4, 5], where the digits denote the subsystems that must be installed in the cabinet during assembling:
[1]  BASIC: DIN Rails 2-3pcs; Cable glands PG-7/9/11/13.5/...; Circuit breaker 10A; Terminal blocks
[4]  IZOLUX: Thermal insulation of foamed polyethylene. H2= thermal insulation; H3= H1 + H2
[5]  COOLING: Thermoelectric Cooler. C1= TC-100-DC, C2= TC-100-AC, C3= FR-208-C, C4= FR-208-AC

  In larger cabinets, 200W coolers of the Standard series are installed: FR-208-C with 24/48VDC and FR-208-AC with 220VAC. In smaller cabinets, 100W coolers of the Cover series are installed: TC-100-DC with 24VDC and TC-100-AC with 220VAC.
  For devices with 220VAC power, no additional power supply located inside the cabinet is required. This is the main advantage of this series, since the power supply takes up a lot of space and emits heat, which must eventually be compensated by the thermoelectric cooler itself.
Ordering Information:
ModelsVendor codeDescription
NSB-3860C3B386C3F0Cabinet 380x600x210 set [1, 4, 5], with Cooler FR-208-C: Standard_DC_S2_200W
NSB-3860C4B386C4F0Cabinet 380x600x210 set [1, 4, 5], with Cooler FR-208-AC: Standard_AC_S2_200W
NSB-3838C1B383C1F0Cabinet 380x380x210 set [1, 4, 5], with Cooler TC-100-DC: Cover_DC_S0_100W
NSB-3838C2B383C2F0Cabinet 380x380x210 set [1, 4, 5], with Cooler TC-100-AC: Cover_AC_S0_100W

NSBox Cooling