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> 24/48VDC or 220VAC Power supply> The compact Design> High reliability
> Installation in any position > Long service life > Ecological cleanliness

  Electronic equipment mounted inside a cabinet generate heat that raises the temperature inside the enclosure. Over time, the ever increasing heat can cause sensitive devices to malfunctions. Thermoelectric Cooling Systems (TCS) are devised to divert an excess heat from electronic equipment installed inside the enclosure with IP66 protection.
  TCS is a thermoelectric module (thermoelectric air conditioner), working on the basis of the Peltier effect. The essence of the effect consists in the allocation of heat on the junctions of two different conductors when an electric current passes.
  There are many advantages of TCS over conventional compressor:
    TCS doesn't have replaceable filters and saves IP66 protection class for the cabinet
    TCS can be controlled electronically
    TCS are easily reversible by reversing the polarity of Power supply
    TCS can work in the most adverse environmental conditions:
    -  in high ambient temperatures or heavily polluted ambient air;
    -  in application with vibrations or strong accelerations.
  TCS "NSBox Cooling" allows to maintain the set temperature in a closed volume of NSBox in high ambient temperatures. It must be necessary in regions with a hot climates, for a long batteries life of UPS, when installing of conventional client equipment.

NSBox Cooling
Technical Data :
Operating voltage: 24/ 48VDC; 220VAC
Cooling Capacity: 50-900W
Operating temperature: -40 +70C
Dimensions: depends on the model
Weight: depends on the model
Protection type: IP67
Fitting position: Variable
Connection: Terminal
Axial Fan: Ball bearing
Fan Air flow: 110 CFM

NSBon-37Thermoelectric Coolers. Series Standard_DC, 24/48VDC. NSBox Cooling
NSBon-38Thermoelectric Coolers. Series Standard_AC, 220VAC. NSBox Cooling
NSBon-39Thermoelectric Coolers. Series Cover_DC, 24/48VDC. NSBox Cooling
NSBon-40Thermoelectric Coolers. Series Cover_AC, 220VAC. NSBox Cooling

Ordering Information: Thermoelectric Coolers
ModelsVendor codeDescription
NSBon-37FL-208-CThermoelectric Cooler, Standard_DC_S2_100W, 24/48VDC. NSBox Cooling
NSBon-37FN-208-CThermoelectric Cooler, Standard_DC_S2_140W, 24/48VDC. NSBox Cooling
NSBon-37FR-208-CThermoelectric Cooler, Standard_DC_S2_200W, 24/48VDC. NSBox Cooling
NSBon-38FL-208-ACThermoelectric Cooler, Standard_AC_S2_100W, 220VAC. NSBox Cooling
NSBon-38FR-208-ACThermoelectric Cooler, Standard_AC_S2_200W, 220VAC. NSBox Cooling
NSBon-39TC-100-DCThermoelectric Cooler, Cover_DC_S0_100W, 24VDC. NSBox Cooling
NSBon-40TC-100-ACThermoelectric Cooler, Cover_AC_S0_100W, 220VAC. NSBox Cooling

Cabinets with installed Thermoelectric Cooler NSBox-ICE

NSBox Cooling