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> The most compact design > One or two LED lamps
> On/Off by circuit breaker> Magnetic mounting

  The indoor lighting kit NSBon-06 is suitable for the most types of junction boxes and enclosures. The kit allows to execute repair electrical works (replacement of an Ethernet switch, power supply, batteries) on the installed facility at any time of the day.
  The system is equipped with a separate circuit breaker. For safe work, you should turn off the main power of the enclosure and all equipment.
  By default, the lamps are installed in the niches of the top and bottom walls of the cabinet. If necessary, it can be moved to another location.
 The kit consists of the following components:
    One or two LED lamps in metal frame with a reflector
    Magnets for mounting the lamp to a metal surface
    Circuit breaker and set of wires

NSBox Lighting

Technical Data:
Operating voltage: 180-260VAC
Power consumption: 2x 5W
Light color: daylight
Color temperature: 6,500K
Service life: 50'000h at 25C
Circuit breaker Mounting: DIN rail
Lamp Mounting: Magnet fixing
Lamp Dimensions: 230 x 18 x 15 mm
Lamp type: LED
Luminosity: 2x 430Lm
Fitting position: Variable
Connection: 2-pole clamp
Length of wires: 430mm + 780mm
Protection category: IP20
Operating Temp.: -40C to +70C
Weight: 0.23kg

NSBox Lighting

Ordering Information
NSBon-06 LBM2AC22Indoor lighting kit for enclosure. Two LED lamps with circuit breaker. NSBox Lighting
NSBon-06-1LBM1AC22Indoor lighting kit for enclosure. One LED lamp with circuit breaker. NSBox Lighting
NSBon-06-2LBM0AC22Indoor lighting kit for enclosure. One LED lamp w/o circuit breaker. NSBox Lighting