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> Vandal-proof design> Metal housing> High reliability
> High air through-flow > Long service life  

Vandal-proof Filter Fan NSBox Venting. Microclimate components

  Electronic equipment installed inside a cabinet emits heat, which raises the internal temperature. Over time, rising temperature can cause electronic devices to a failure. Additionally, heat accumulation can cause circuit breakers to trip which can result in system shut down. To prevent heat accumulation and to remove dissipated heat out of the enclosure filter fans can be used as an effective and low cost alternative. It helps to increase an operational reliability and a service life for enclosed electrical and electronic systems.
  Filter fans will cool enclosures to a level slightly above the ambient temperature outside the cabinet. To cool enclosure contents, the fans draw filtered ambient air into the cabinet. At the same time, the heated air within the cabinet is blown out an exhaust. The exhaust is also filtered which creates airflow resistance and a slightly higher pressure inside the enclosure.
  Vandal-proof Filter Fans series NSBon-19 are devised for mounting in electrical cabinets and dissipating the heat building up inside the enclosure. Filter Fans are made in a vandal-proof housing and are available in three versions.
  The NSBon-19 is suitable for all types of panels and electrical enclosures.

Technical Data :
Operating voltage: 240VAC, 50Hz
Power consumption: 24 - 30 W
Air flow: 170, 125, 70 m3/h
Weight: 2.5, 1.5, 1.0 kg
Dimensions: depends on the model
Protection category: IP55
Operating Temp.: -10 to +55C
Axial fan: Ball bearing
Connection: 2-pole clamp
Housing: aluminum alloy metal

Vandal-proof Filter Fan NSBox Venting

Ordering Information
NSBon-19FFVAC070Vandal-proof Filter Fan for electrical enclosure. 070 m3/h. NSBox Venting
NSBon-19-1FFVAC125Vandal-proof Filter Fan for electrical enclosure. 125 m3/h. NSBox Venting
NSBon-19-2FFVAC170Vandal-proof Filter Fan for electrical enclosure. 170 m3/h. NSBox Venting