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qBRIDGE-102 / qBRIDGE-103.    Ethernet to E2/E3 Converter
Discontinued | the product is no longer being produced


  qBRIDGE-102 and qBRIDGE-103 are high performance converters/ bridges that can be used for connection of remote segments of 10/100Base-TX Ethernet networks over standard G.703 (E2 unframed and E3 unframed) channels (SDH or PDH network). qBRIDGE-102/103 enables connection of two LANs through a unframed G.703 stream with fixed 8448 Kbps for qBRIDGE-102 and 34368 Kbps for qBRIDGE-103 throughput. Embedded ASIC-based hardware bridge offers very high reliability and performance. ASIC-based architecture allows eliminating performance problem (especially when there is a large amount of short Ethernet frames to transfer over G.703 interface). Peak device performance is 90000 frames per second that is more than enough for any type Ethernet traffic processing.
    The converter is also useful for connecting remote LAN segments through copper line with maximum reach up to 400m (two ATT 734A 75Ohm coaxial cables).
    "Bridge connection" mode converter is transparent for Ethernet frames with VLAN tag and for VPN packets. It has one Ethernet 10/100Base-TX port with Auto-Negotiation and Auto-MDIX capability and one G.703 8448 Kbps (qBRIDGE-102) or one G.703 34368 Kbps (qBRIDGE-103) port. User can easily configure qBRIDGE-102/103 with no additional equipment (terminal emulation program and so on). DIP-switches are used to control all qBRIDGE-102/103 functions. The device has selectable frame buffer configuration, configurable LAN Filtering mode, IEEE 802.3x flow control. Additional feature of qBRIDGE-102/103 is Link-Loss forwarding i.e. capability to switch off Ethernet port in case of E2/E3 interface failure. This feature is user to report WAN failure to equipment connected to qBRIDGE from Ethernet side. For G.703 E2/E3 interface it is also possible to setup transmit clock source (internal or recovered). For diagnostic purposes and troubleshooting qBRIDGE-102/103 provides remote loopback mode, LED indicators and some additional features.
   The product is available as a standalone unit in compact plastic case.

Technical specifications:
Ethernet Interface
One Ethernet port 10/100Base-TX
IEEE 802.3/ 3u/ 3x flow control
Auto-Negotiation 10/100M
Half/Full duplex (10/100-20/200Mbps)
Ethernet to HDLC encapsulation
Frame length up to 1536 bytes
Connector: Shielded RJ-45
Ethernet: "Bridge connection" mode
IEEE 802.1D transparent learning bridge
MAC Table: 256 MAC address
IEEE 802.1q VLAN pass-through
Filtering and Forwarding: 90,000 pps
Frame Buffer: 340 frames
G.703 Interface (E1 Unframed)
Interface: ITU-T G.703; One G.703 port
Data rate qBRIDGE-102: 8448 Kbps
Data rate qBRIDGE-103: 34368 Kbps
HDB3 coding; Impedance: 75 Ohm
Jitter: ITU-T G.823, JT-G.703
Maximum cable attenuation
qBRIDGE-103 - 14dB (17184 kHz)
qBRIDGE-102 6.8dB (4224 kHz)
Clock modes: Internal or Recovered
Link-Loss Forwarding, Remote loopback
Connectors: 2xBNC
Configuration: DIP-switches
Various Diagnostic LED Indicators
Power supply: 100~240VAC/36~72VDC
Power consumption: 1.5 W
Size: 80 x 135 x 27 mm
Weight: 0,3 Kg

Order Information 
qBRIDGE-10236BEU102Converter/ bridge: 1 Ethernet, 1 port E2 (unframed), DIP switch, 220VAC
qBRIDGE-10336BEU103Converter/ bridge: 1 Ethernet, 1 port E3 (unframed), DIP switch, 220VAC
qBRIDGE-102-LET501N057Multiplexer: 4xE1 to E2 port (unframed), 220VAC/ -36-72VDC
qBRIDGE-103-LET501N092Multiplexer: 16xE1 to E3 port (unframed), 220VAC/ -36-72VDC

Connection of remote LANs over G.703 channel

qBRIDGE-102-LE Multiplexer: 4xE1 to E2 channel
qBRIDGE-103-LE Multiplexer: 16xE1 to E3 channel