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qBRIDGE-401     Inverse Multiplexer
4 x Ethernet   4 E1 ports  
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    qBRIDGE-401 is a high performance and low cost Inverse Multiplexer/ Converter/ Bridge. Its suitable for connecting distant LAN segments using standard E1 channels. It provides inverse multiplexing to transmit a single high-speed data channel over up to four E1 links. qBRIDGE-401 has embedded four port Ethernet switch and four E1 interfaces and can be used as a standard Ethernet to 4xE1 converter.
   Device provides Data rates from 1.92 Mbps to 7.68 Mbps with automatic rate fallback. Therefore data rate of high speed channel used to transmit users Ethernet traffic is calculated as N1.92 Mbps where N is a number of available E1 channels. By adopting inverse-multiplexing technology, qBRIDGE-401 binds several E1 links to achieve a broadband Ethernet remote bridge, with 8ms tolerance of transfer delay difference among E1 links. The E1 transmit clock can be derived from the internal oscillator or from one of the E1 receive clocks.
    The automatic rate fallback feature ensures that the logical channel used for Ethernet traffic remains open even if individual E1 links fail, by automatically dropping to the next lower rate. When failed links are recovered, qBRIDGE-401 automatically returns to the original rate.
    qBRIDGE-401 can be ordered either with unmanaged or managed embedded Ethernet switch. Modification with unmanaged switch is functioning in "Bridge connection" mode and provides IEEE 802.1q VLAN pass-through operation. All configuration for this modification is done using DIP-switches. Modification with managed embedded Ethernet switch provides enhanced VLAN and QoS support and is configured through console port.
    qBRIDGE-401 expands qBRIDGE series of low cost access devices that are suitable for connecting distant LAN segments using different technologies of data transmission over copper lines. This series is characterized by easy configuring, high performance and low cost.
    The product supports both AC and DC power supply and can be used as a standalone unit in iron enclosures. 19" rack mount brackets are provided.


Technical specifications:
Ethernet Interface
Embedded Ethernet switch
2 modifications:
-with managed Ethernet switch
-with unmanaged Ethernet switch
4 Ethernet 10/100Base-TX ports
IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.3x flow control
Auto-Negotiation 10/100M; Auto-MDIX
Half/ Full duplex (10/100-20/200M)
Ethernet to HDLC encapsulation
Frame length up to 1536 bytes
Connectors: Shielded 4xRJ-45
Ethernet: "Bridge connection" mode
Enhanced VLAN and QoS support for
model with managed Ethernet switch
IEEE 802.1q VLAN pass-through for
model with unmanaged Ethernet switch
VPN pass-through
- Transparent MAC Bridging
- Spanning Tree (802.1d)
2x1024 table; 4Mbit Frame Buffer
WAN (4xE1framed)
ITU-T G.703; Four E1 ports
Broadband channel rate of (1..4)1.92 Mbps full duplex
Full Duplex mode
HDB3 coding; Impedance: 120 Ohm
Jitter performance: ITU-T G.823
Receive equalizer gain up to -43 dB
Clock modes: Internal or Recovered
Automatic alarm generation
Remote Loopback mode
Connectors: 4xRJ-45
Configuration: DIP-switches or console
Various Diagnostic LED Indicators
Power supply: 100~240VAC/36~72VDC
Power consumption: 4 W
Size: 261 x 151 x 45 mm
Weight: 2,5 Kg

Remote office connection
Order Information
ModelP/N Description
qBRIDGE-401-M 36BEM401IMUX : 4 Eth to 4xE1, Console, VLAN (802.1q,1p), QoS, VAC/VDC